Rose in Bloom


Quick stats about the movie

Rose’s curious nature leads her to stumble upon something she shouldn’t on her 13th birthday.

Creative team

Writer/director: Trevor Kristjanson
Producer: Bradley Sawatzky

Filmmaker’s statement

Inspiration for Rose in Bloom was simple: my sister sat in the backseat of my car one night and scared me senseless as I drove, and I love her for it.

From there, the script underwent dozens of different drafts, continually changing direction and theme.

We ended up shooting our exterior scenes in Gimli on the last possible weekend before the arrival of the harshest Manitoba winter on record. It never looks as cold on film as it is in reality when you shoot in Manitoba. Our saving grace was having such a great cast and crew to work with.

I like to think that this film speaks to the challenges of what it means to truly love someone. Sometimes we do things, driven by love, that we do for us, and not for the ones we love. It’s a film about secrets and the secrets that love and caring keep.

I think that a good piece of art will inspire something, be it a thought, idea or emotional change in someone else. I hope that our film can do this for you.

About Trevor Kristjanson

Trevor Kristjanson is a filmmaker and actor from Gimli, Manitoba, who has been training and working in the Winnipeg film and television industry since 2010.

Trevor’s first work as a director and writer was for the short film The Voyage (co-directed with Bjorn Jakobson) in 2011. He also worked as the stage manager and assistant director for plays directed by Jeff Erbach and Chris Sigurdson respectively.

In 2012, Trevor wrote and directed his second short film Pillows. Trevor also served as director Jeff Woolnough’s apprentice on the CBC television movie Jack.

Trevor wrote the short film Sea Legs, which was produced with Lisa Meeches and Kyle Irving of Winnipeg-based production company Eagle Vision. The film was directed by Rebecca Gibson and premiered at the Gimli Film Festival in July 2013. It’s currently showing in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

Trevor’s third work as a writer/director, Rose in Bloom, premiered at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in October 2014.

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