Sharp (Savoir Mieux)

Sharp (Savoir Mieux) (short film)

Quick stats about the movie

Growing up and living with exceptional skills is exciting, but it’s also a huge problem for Thierry.

Creative team

Writer/director: Justin Roy
Producers: Justin Roy, Selena Thériault

Filmmaker’s statement

This was a huge project for us, as I had never made such a film before. Sometimes you get a vision for a film, but when you’re done making it, it doesn’t quite match.

For this film, it was different. The effort and passion that were put into this really paid off at the end. The product is not perfect, but I am very satisfied with it. Therefore, I like to consider this as my first ‘real’ short film. I hope you enjoy it!

About Justin Roy

Justin Roy

At 19 years old, Justin has already made several documentaries, short films and even videos for television in Canada. He loves the filmmaking world and has been passionate about it since 2010.

The creative aspect of a film is what he enjoys most. He started his production company, J.R. Visuels, in May 2015. He is now studying cinema at the University of Montreal while working on other film projects to pursue what he loves most, making films.

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