Quick stats about the movie

Struggling to alleviate the aching pain of regret, a young woman pushes herself through a strenuous yoga class. As the heat and physical challenges begin to take their toll on her mind and body she is confronted by her past, bringing her closer to achieving peace and forgiveness.

Creative team

Writer: Gillian Ferrier
Director: Ian Macmillan
Producers: Gillian Ferrier, Farah Merani

Filmmaker’s statement

Shavasana tells the story of a woman reminiscing on her life and struggling to find peace with the decisions she has made.

In the setting of a yoga studio, Jayne sweats through the motions, breathing in and out of her memories. Juxtaposing present and past, we offer an interpretation of the mind as it recalls the moments that have transpired. Fading in and out of consciousness. Presented only as short flashes, they are the lasting impressions that build the arc of a story.

Shavasana sets out to seamlessly blend these vignettes within the methodic process of a yoga class. Blending the physical and emotional journey into one experience.

How will her relationships manifest in the future? Can she accept the choices she’s made? Like all life events, there’s always more to the story.

Shavasana is one such story. The story of Jayne. Exploring the harmony between body and mind in a search for balance and peace.

About Ian Macmillan

Ian Macmillan

Ian Macmillan is a Toronto-based, Halifax-born filmmaker/cinematographer whose work has screened at numerous prestigious international film festivals.

Ian has received recognition for directing music videos, winning Musique Plus’ Video of the Week.

He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and also a co-creator of the online children’s puppet show Couch Fort, with Joe Cobden.

Ian is most commonly found behind the camera. An award-winning director of photography, he has a long list of fiction, music videos, commercials and documentaries in his portfolio.

His narrative work has screened at TIFF, Tribeca and Cannes to name a few. His long-form narrative work includes the CBC digital comedy series The Plateaus as well as five feature films – the most recent, Filth City, is an action-parody on the Rob Ford crack video scandal for Super Channel.

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