sic short film

Quick stats about the movie

A lifelong friendship is set ablaze when two friends confront their past, unveiling a provocative secret.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Joshua Hinkson
Co-producers: Tatjana Green, Mike Gill

Filmmaker’s statement

The original concept for the film was to make a movie about love and everything that gets in the way, often preventing us from realizing the potential of that love which sometimes leads us to make irrational choices in extreme circumstances.

I was curious to explore a male relationship because there’s something about men, something primal, vulnerable and often fighting to steer clear of humiliation that fascinates me.

I created this film because I think it’s still, unfortunately, a polarizing social and cultural conversation. However, the experiences and relationship explored in this film aren’t all that uncommon.

This type of conflict happens regularly between men and women. Sometimes, as a result, women fall victim to the losing end of that equation if they do not succumb to men.

People tend to look beyond the experience because they either can’t personally relate or it provokes them in such an uncomfortable way that they don’t want to breathe life into the fear of rejection, humiliation or pain.

Hopefully, the audience watches this film and reconsiders their perspective around love. It’s not about sexual orientation, cultural stigmas or societal pressures. It’s about finding and exploring connections with another human being.

If two people love one another, who are we to define their love?

About Joshua Hinkson

Joshua Hinkson

Joshua Hinkson is a fearless actor who has spent years honing his craft.

His desire to pursue acting lead him to the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and most recently to New York to study with world-renowned voice and Shakespeare teacher, Patsy Rodenburg.

Over the last couple years, Josh has moved behind the camera to write and produce three short films: Small Rain Down, A Ghost Within and Sic., [the latter of which] marked his directorial debut. He also stars in each of these films.

A Ghost Within premiered at the Yorkton Film Festival where Josh picked up a nomination for emerging filmmaker.

Sic. has screened all across the world while picking up five nominations, including a nomination for best actor, screenwriter and an award for best director at the Maverick Movie Awards in New York.

Small Rain Down won best short screenplay at the New Hope Film Festival and was selected as a finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Hollyshorts Film Festival earlier this year.

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