Quick stats about the movie

The story of a friendship that unravels in the aftermath of a murder.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Paige K. Boudreau

Filmmaker’s statement

“Murder is a tangible, irreversible crime that has extremely serious consequences. Bringing someone else into that kind of crime would require an enormous amount of trust. I considered what it would take to be a trusting accomplice in the act of murder – and what would happen if something went wrong.

However, Skyline isn’t about murder. It’s about trust, loss and the safety isolation can bring.

The prairies have often been portrayed in films as a place of isolation to escape from and I wanted to explore the idea of them being a place to escape to.

In the film, we witness Adam searching for the feeling of escape and safety that isolation can provide.

From the very first frame of Skyline, I wanted the viewer to have a sensation in the pit of their stomach that tells them this won’t end well and an overwhelming curiosity to find out why.

I love this story because – even though the plot points aren’t relatable for most people – the emotional beats are.

The struggle to communicate after a traumatic situation, to awkwardly stumble through it. The need to connect again with the individual who now shares a morbid common ground with you that no one else ever will. That is what grief does to people in some ways: it connects them. And other times it tears them apart.”

About Paige K. Boudreau

Paige K. Boudreau

With theatrics in her blood and an unflinching desire to tell stories, Paige spent her childhood performing onstage.

She began a career behind the lens as an editor working on various broadcast projects then quickly worked her way up to a triple threat: writer, director, producer.

Writing an educational series, producing a NASCAR Sprint Cup tease, coordinating the post production of a feature film: Paige has touched nearly every type of project and excels most with those that she can affect creatively. It comes from her belief that life is made up of a series of moments that make us who we are, and that storytelling is the way we can breathe life back into those moments.

Skyline is her directorial debut.

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