Quick stats about the movie

It’s been years, but Daniel’s still in love with his childhood crush Jenny when she unexpectedly resurfaces in his life via Facebook. Daniel leaps back into the relationship, prompting a quirky past versus present dilemma.

Creative team

Writer/director: Chris Baker
Producers: Chris Baker, Lauren MacKinlay

Filmmaker’s statement

I got the idea for Spun after a buddy of mine from high school contacted me on Facebook. We hadn’t seen each other in years, but he had just moved to Toronto and asked if I wanted to meet up for a beer.

We met at a local pub and had a blast reminiscing about old times. Our group of friends had spent so much time together during those pivotal years of adolescence and now Facebook had reconnected the two of us so many years later.

Following our hangout, I wondered how many people I knew had had reconnections like this through Facebook. That got me thinking about how for every great reconnection, there must be some amount of disastrous reconnections that could also occur. I started asking myself, “Who wouldn’t I want to see, and what would I do if they contacted me?”

I wanted to make a film that was quirky and clever, but it couldn’t be just that. There had to be some truth to it too.

During a conversation with another friend over coffee, I was talking about what we’re like as people presently, versus what we were like as kids. My friend and I both found it interesting how with certain old friends, we find ourselves falling back into the same roles we played when we hung around them years ago. Even though today we are completely different people, with many accomplishments and life experiences under our belts, sometimes those certain friends make us forgot who we are today, and we become whoever we used to be, because of that history.

Daniel’s world gets rocked back into the past when he is contacted by his old crush Jenny. For him, she is the one who has that effect on him. He cannot escape it. He becomes a nervous anxious teenager again, falling for her every word.

About Chris Baker

Chris Baker

Chris is an actor, writer, director, filmmaker, theatre producer, husband and elementary school supply teacher. Occasionally he finds the time to do other things like see plays, watch hockey and drink scotch.

A graduate of Ryerson’s theatre acting program, he plans to continue to pretend to do all of these things well.

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