Swim Alone


Quick stats about the movie

Natalie tries to comprehend the end of her relationship with Emma but can’t get the story right.

Creative team

Writer/director: Guy Ettlin
Producers: Guy Ettlin, George Popi

Filmmaker’s statement

Swim Alone is not just a story about young love. It poses the question of how we emotionally process the end of a relationship when we cannot rationally explain it. What feeling do we decide to hold on to when we remember a person who is no longer part of our lives?

Most love stories deal with relationships that crumble due to external conflict or directly as a result of a character’s actions. However, more often than not, relationships simply end because love fades or because one person drifts away needing to deal with things on their own. Swim Alone is about the latter, looking to capture the feeling of confusion, pain and melancholy that result.

About Guy Ettlin

Guy Ettlin

Guy Ettlin is a writer, director and producer with Nyx Labs based in Montreal. Swim Alone is his directorial debut in film after having worked in theatre for over 10 years.

He currently resides in London, England.

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