The Archivist

The Archivist

Quick stats about the movie

The new assistant projectionist at an aging movie theatre risks a confrontation with his supervisor when he investigates a series of mysterious disappearances.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jeremy Ball
Co-producers: Glen Wood, Jordana Aarons

Filmmaker’s statement

I’ve always been fascinated by the spatial aspect of filmmaking.

The Archivist was a great opportunity to explore a space both visually and – by literally making it a character in the story – narratively as well.

About Jeremy Ball

Jeremy Ball

Before attending the Canadian Film Centre’s Directing Lab in 2011, Jeremy spent more than a decade in the People’s Republic of China where he completed an MA in film studies at the Beijing Film Academy and cut his teeth in the art and visual effects departments of numerous Chinese and Western co-productions.

His first short film, Sync, filmed on location in Beijing, was completed in 2011 and premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival’s One Reel Festival that same year.

His follow up, Frost, completed as part of the CFC’s short dramatic film program, was nominated for DGC and Canadian Screen Awards in 2013 and has screened at festivals around the world.

He most recently completed an episode of Vincenzo Natali’s digital series, Darknet, which aired on Canada’s Super Channel in 2014.

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