The Big Push


Quick stats about the movie

Katie sets out to pull off a next-level con with her boyfriend, only this time she’s pregnant and a whole lot more vulnerable if things go wrong.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jessica Lafrance
Producers: Jessica Lafrance, Jessica Kennedy

Filmmaker’s statement

Almost every day on my way home from work I used to walk by this one parking lot with old cars piled up and graffiti all over the place. This location – where a million different stories could go down – was the inspirational seed for writing this story.

I love a good con movie and that’s what I set out to make but, at the heart of it, this film is a relationship story. Katie and Owen are a couple living an unconventional life but still confronted with every day relationship issues, pregnancy being one of them. There are few other moments in life that can create such fear and anxiety, and/or joy and elation as the moment a woman takes a pregnancy test or is about to give birth.

In this film, Katie and Owen are both just trying to keep it together and play the con. The question is whether they’ll make it through this roller coaster together this time.

I was over the moon to work with this wonderful cast of actors and incredible crew. We shot this film over two hot, magical, whirlwind days in August in Toronto.

About Jessica Lafrance

Jessica Lafrance recently received the Cinespace Filmmaker Award at the Lakeshorts International Film Festival in Toronto for The Big Push.

Originally from Ottawa, she studied at Concordia University in Montreal and worked as an actress in theatre before making the transition to writing and directing.

Her first writing credit was The Complicated, a film noir play which she co-wrote and directed and which was performed in Montreal and New York City as part of the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

She previously wrote and directed the short film Flowers in February and wrote and produced episodes of the web series Jill and Jenny about two quirky roommates in Toronto.

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