The Interrogation M.A.

The Interrogation M.A. (short film)

Quick stats about the movie

A steely detective interrogates a cagey woman, but things are not what they seem.

Creative team

Writer/director: Alan Wong

Filmmaker’s statement

Language is the tool of actors, and perception is the con of tricky filmmakers. My goal here was to play with both and make a subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) statement on how actors, directors and writers work together to create the drama that we are all so enthralled with, using the high-intensity stakes of an interrogation as the paradox for the the film itself.

About Alan Wong

Alan Wong

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Alan is the son of Chinese-Canadian immigrants who raised him through a gypsy lifestyle, crisscrossing the country in search of prosperity and belonging. This fostered a keen observational ability that would help develop his storytelling instinct.

Alan is a classically-trained singer and actor, but his love of film inspired a return to studies as he works to create in media.

His first short documentary, A Dwarf’s Hideout, about a young Japanese family in Winnipeg, won the award for Best Canadian Short at Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and has shown at the Diversity Film Festival in Toronto as well as Wasaga Film Festival.

His latest work is a comedy called The Interrogation M.A. which won the ACTRA Manitoba Golden Boy Award for most outstanding MIP (member-initiated production).

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