The Last Feast


Quick stats about the movie

In a weird forest, a robot drone drills into the earth to siphon oil from a sacred artifact. Little does he know that his work has awoken a vengeful spirit bent on teaching a lesson to the gluttonous socialites who gorge on his bounty.

Wicked puppetry brings this phantasmagorical world to life in a tale of conspicuous consumption gone too far.

The Last Feast is a combination of stop-motion, classical and computer generated animation with live-action puppetry. It is essentially an experiment in fusing traditional film making mediums with current digital technology.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Marc Beurteaux

Director’s statement

Marc Beurteaux says:

The Last Feast is a film about wasting resources and the inability of a society to see its forthcoming demise. The society in the film is based on our own. The characters are ourselves. Each character represents a segment of our society.

Irving, the drilling robot, is the worker who carries out his tasks without asking questions and lives in fear of his masters/employers. His ending is symbolic of so many workers stuck in a capitalist workforce – he goes around and around, going nowhere.

The Soldier represents that sector of society that protects from ‘The Other.’ In The Last Feast, The Other are the Ghosts which represent environmental catastrophe. The Soldier, tired of fighting and finding solace in distractions (porn magazines, video games) has ceased to care.

The Ghosts are representations of destructive environmental forces that are unleashed when a culture cares nothing for the sanctity of nature.

The Masters are us. Consumers who are addicted to a way of life and will not change.

I chose to do this film in animation and puppetry because I was hoping to add a little fun to what is essentially a gloomy film. It’s a dark piece, but that’s really how I feel about our current cultural and environmental situation.”

About Marc Beurteaux


Marc is a Toronto-based independent animator, director, designer and filmmaker.

He was born in Perth, West Australia to an Australian father and Canadian mother. At a young age he moved to Canada with his family but returned to Perth some years later.

Marc studied Media Studies, majoring in writing, at Edith Cowan University in Perth and took courses in film production, audio engineering and journalism.  He began producing short animated films while in university and has made animation his career.

He works commercially as an animator and animation consultant. Marc has created animation for such companies as Disney, MTV, Alliance Atlantis, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon and Sprint.

However, Marc is most passionate about producing short, unorthodox films with a humourous edge. Inspirations for his work include: Jiri Trnka, Jans Svankmajer, Jim Henson, Jaques Tati, Ray Harryhausen, Bruce Bickford and Emil Cohle. Visit Marc online at Electric

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