The Last Video Store


Quick stats about the movie

When Josh discovers the only remaining video store after a brutal format war, he finds more than just strange movies and a grumpy clerk. This adventure throws him into a vicious battle with an analog robot to save this last vestige of a forgotten age.

Creative team

Directors: Cody Kennedy, Tim Rutherford
Producer: House of Heathens
Writer: Tim Rutherford

Filmmaker’s statement

“The Last Video Store was filmed on location in one of Edmonton, Alberta’s last video rental shops. The grumpy clerk is played by Kevin Martin, who’s also the real life video store’s owner.

This project was built by a community of film lovers who shared the love for movie stores and magic found within them.”

About Tim Rutherford

Passionate about movies for as long as he can remember, Tim has a unique approach to storytelling, inspired by Canadian greats like David Cronenberg and independent legends of the direct-to-video era.

Working on small crews over the years has provided him with invaluable experience in all aspects of film production, helping Tim bring strange concepts to the screen very cheaply. Nightmarish and captivating practical effects moulded his approach to films, and with movies like The Thing and The Fly as inspiration, Tim began experimenting with latex and sculpture in his teens.

As he developed a self-taught, throwback style, he began to build up a resume of short film effects and second unit credits for Canadian independent projects. The Last Video Store features his most ambitious costume and effects to date.

About Cody Kennedy

A steady diet of ’80s and ’90s B movies along with a healthy dose of cinematic spectacles from all corners of the globe served as the kindling that lit Cody Kennedy’s filmmaking fire.

Always on a constant search for the most boundary-pushing, wacky films from all over has given Cody the creative inspiration to piece together his own cinematic renderings of the strange, fun and action-packed moving pictures of tomorrow.

Gaining experience creating a number of shorts over the past few years, Cody has discovered his filmmaking voice as he usually takes on the responsibilities of cinematographer, director of photography and co-director.

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