The Things I Couldn’t Say

The Things I Couldn't Say

Quick stats about the movie

Zoe and Chris are at the same party. When they find themselves alone all they can seem to talk about is their most recent failed relationships.

As the night wears on, and the discussion digs deeper, the two realize that sometimes it’s easier to tell the truth to a stranger than a lover.

Creative team

Writer/director: Zlatina Pacheva
Producer: Kris McRonney

Filmmaker’s statement

After running into my ex at a friend’s birthday (and feeling all eyes on us as we awkwardly greeted each other) I began to wonder what it would be like to re-meet him and divulge everything I hadn’t said while we were together.

With a number of very supportive (and talented) friends, the story was brought to life.

Upon watching the final product, my ex remarked, “I don’t get it.” Go figure.

About Zlatina Pacheva

Zlatina Pacheva

Zlatina has had a love affair with movies since watching The Lion King at five and now gets paid to watch over 15 movies a week (don’t ask).

Her biggest passion is independent film and what kinds of stories can be told with a low budget and a big imagination.

She has worked as a unit publicist and social media strategist on exciting projects such as The Trap, How To Deal With An Axe Murderer and Night Owl High, and is committed to helping indie filmmakers in Vancouver promote their projects while also flexing her own writing/directing muscles.

She has a background in communications, public relations and method acting.

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