Those Forgotten


Quick stats about the movie

An old rivalry between elderly shipwreck survivors leads to a deadly game of one-upmanship for the honor of being the last living survivor.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Evan Jobb
Director: Alyssa Buchanan

Filmmaker’s statement

Alyssa Buchanan says:

Those Forgotten was a project that was three years in the making.

The script was initially submitted to the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition and placed fourth in 2009, and after some edits we were able to make the film through the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative’s FILM 5 training program in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2011.

From the first time I read Evan’s script, I had a personal connection with the story. I have a grandfather and a great grandfather who both served in the Canadian Navy, the latter of the two was stationed on HMCS Shawinigan which sunk with all hands in 1944. This connection moved me to give the film a feeling of vulnerability beneath the veneer of tradition and honour, and to focus on the fragile aspects of mortality.

Those Forgotten is about the extreme measures a person will take to ensure they will be remembered.”

About Alyssa Buchanan


Alyssa Buchanan is a Halifax-born filmmaker and an alumnus of the University of King’s College with a BA in sociology and history.  Alyssa got her start in film during high school, participating in the documentary Hope for the Future, shot in Serbia.

Over the last few years, Alyssa has worked on many short films, features and television, and has also directed and produced a number of her own short films.

Alyssa is currently working on a narrative short featuring her infant niece and a short documentary about the life of her aunt who is living with the congenital bone disorder osteogenesis imperfecta.

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