Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Through Rose Colored Glasses short film

Quick stats about the movie

Will, an out-of-luck substitute teacher, finds a magic pair of glasses allowing him to see his girlfriend, Zoe, as he’d like her to be. Bent on creating the perfect relationship, Will reimagines his ‘ideal’ Zoe despite a few unusual side effects.

Creative team

Writer/co-director: Helmann Wilhelm
Co-director: Ava Torres
Producers: Helmann Wilhelm, Ava Torres, Jing Panuelos, Mijiao Tang

Filmmakers statement

When life seems difficult there is the temptation to romanticize the past. This is, of course, why some people still cling to the movies that made them laugh with their best friends or a song that reminds them of their high school sweetheart.

However, reliving the past can become cemented in some people, thus fixating them on the way things used to be and, by extension, how they should be presently.

The notion that yesterday was somehow better than today can be insidious and, to a certain extent, unhealthy.

What comes into question then is how nostalgia can both hinder an individual’s growth while also inaccurately representing the people and the world around them, begging the question: if a person is constantly looking back, how do they move forward?

About the filmmakers

Ava Torres

Ava Torres

After seeing Lost in Translation Ava immediately fell in love with film. From that moment on, she would never be seen without a camera and would later study film at the University of Toronto.

She has worked as a VFX and production assistant on the award-winning documentary My Father and the Man in Black which was an official selection at the Raindance Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival, among others.

Most recently Ava worked on In the Spotlight, a web series featuring local artists and True Courtesan a short documentary about university students turned call girls. Both projects can be found at Canted Pictures.

Helmann Wilhelm

Helmann Wilhelm

A graduate of the University of Toronto’s cinema studies program, Helmann has worked as a script reader and production assistant for the Nakamura Group and, more recently, in the AD department for Suicide Squad and The Next Step television series.

Helmann is currently writing his third feature Macabre Christmas while working as a member of the Directors Guild of Canada.

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