To the Sea


Quick stats about the movie

12-year-old Sydney is stuck entertaining an older boy who unexpectedly visits her island home.  For the first time she sees herself through another’s eyes and discovers, to her shame, she’s “not cool” as she faces a choice: risk rejection or betray herself.

Creative team

Writer/producer/director: Catharine Parke

Director’s statement

Catharine Parke says:

“I’ve always been a sucker for coming-of-age films and wanted to create one from a girl’s perspective, examining that awkward transition between childhood and adulthood.

This film was my first foray into drama and was self-financed. So for the most part I worked with friends, family and work colleagues who were willing to work for free or for a pittance. I was honoured to have some very talented people devote their time and talents to this film.

The trick for me was to create a film that captured the nuances of teen interactions without resorting to obvious clichés. Yet I didn’t want it to be so subtle viewers wouldn’t get it. Fortunately my young lead cast were able to convey the internal complexity required in a minimalist manner. And my fab editor Franco Pante was able to tease out their best performances in the edit suite.

We spent two days on Bowen Island, BC, filming. Crew and cast were put up at bed and breakfast’s, friends’ and relatives’ homes. We all worked together as a team to pull this off. We lucked out with the weather: sunny both days and then the following day after we’d wrapped, it poured with rain.

The process of making this film – from writing the script to completing post production – was far more enjoyable than I ever imagined. Want to do more!”

About Catharine Parke


Catharine works as an award-winning director and writer on Canadian documentary and reality programming for a pile of networks: CBC, History Channel, OLN, Discovery Channel, Slice, W, OWN and National Geographic Channel.

Her two recent personal projects, Bent Out of Shape and To the Sea, have won awards at international festivals. To the Sea is Catharine’s first venture into drama.

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