Quick stats about the movie

Bill dreamed of life on the land from as far back as he can remember.

Trapline is a portrait of the modern Canadian trapper.

Creative team

Director: Dustin Chok
Producers: Dustin Chok, Bill Abercrombie

Filmmaker’s statement

Bill Abercrombie is one of Alberta’s true modern trappers.

Bill came from a family that has love for the outdoors and outdoor activities. He created out of that upbringing a romanticized vision of living on the land. For Bill, it is not necessarily catching animals that is important but the process of trapping and living it that creates purpose for him.

It is true that trapping is a dying way of life. The more that people move to and live in cities the less people are exposed to the benefits of experiencing this subsistent way of life.

Trapline is a meditation on how trapping, as a lifestyle, shapes the people who partake in it – a lyrical documentary that attempts to replicate the feeling of a day out in the bush with Bill.

About Dustin Chok

Dustin Chok

Trapline is Dustin’s first film.

Dustin spent four years working and living with Bill Abercrombie to gain an experienced understanding of the trapping lifestyle before completing the film.

As a lesson in ethnographic filmmaking, Trapline is built on the relationship formed by Bill and Dustin working in the bush together. The film has also screened at the Yellowknife International Film Festival.

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