Walk the Dog


Quick stats about the movie

A girl finally decides to dump her misogynistic boyfriend who reacts by biting her.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Rick Tae
Director: James Dunnison
Producer: Selena Paskalidis

Writer/producer’s statement

Rick Tae says:

“At the end of the day, we’re animals.

Whether we treat each other with love and care or whether we instantaneously turn into bloody savages, the human experience of relationships, courtships and friendships have given us plenty to ponder and laugh about.

Ultimately, within the free world at least, it’s simply how we choose to be treated.  For the heroine in our story getting an arm bitten by her boyfriend is probably a good sign it’s time to move on.”

About James Dunnison


Born with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, James Dunnison naturally ended up in the film industry.

Dunnisonʼs feature debut Stuff enjoyed international critical acclaim including glowing reviews from the Los Angeles TimesMontreal GazetteVarietyTime Out New YorkLe Monde, National Public Radio and the Globe and Mail, which called it “Buzz film of the year … laugh out loud funny, sweet and inventive.”

Dunnisonʼs short black comedy Crack Doll House won Grand Prize at the 1998 Cabbagetown Film Festival by unanimous jury decision and was later commissioned as a series of shorts for CTV/The Comedy Network, with Dunnison directing.

His latest gigs include directing the TV pilot and six additional episodes of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, as well as 12 episodes of HBO Canadaʼs critical darling Less Than Kind (both shows were developed through the National Screen Institute).

He has also directed episodes of Syfyʼs Lost Girl, CBCʼs Arctic Air, CTVʼs Hiccups, the Lifetime series Blood Ties, The Nʼs Whistler, CHUMʼs Godivaʼs and CTVʼs Robson Arms.

Dunnisonʼs film and television work has garnered numerous awards and nominations for both drama and comedy. He has two feature films in development plus the one hour TV series Dirty Work, executive produced by Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, the Emmy-winning head writers of Mad Men.

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