Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Quick stats about the movie

Bobby Reddick’s fun-filled weekend in the Canadian part-time army comes to a halt when his camp receives an urgent distress call.

Creative team

Writer/director: Lyndon Casey
Producer: Shasha Nakhai

Filmmaker’s statement

I am a non-violent, pro-war, latte-sipping hipster who wants world peace and instead posts sick landscape Instagram pics. #blessed

I am a walking contradiction.

I am a weekend warrior: someone who takes half-measures to change themselves and the world. That’s why the term ‘weekend warrior’ isn’t exclusive to the army reservists.

The film, in my opinion, is not a surface level parody of the military. It’s a critique of my comfortable, entitled and selfish life. If I was brave enough, maybe I would have joined the military and put myself through hell until I came out on the other side a true, fearless hero.

Instead, I did what every white boy from the suburbs would do … made a short film.

About Lyndon Casey

Lyndon Casey

I was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario to a urologist father and an English teachin’ mother.

Wes Anderson’s films Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums are why I became a filmmaker. The Simpsons and Seinfeld are my favourite TV shows and the foundation for my moral compass and ironic sensibility.

Ricky Gervais’ The Office was the hit of comedy LSD that expanded my mind and changed me forever. If you were to associate ‘tags’ to my style I’d be okay with the following: melancholy, surreal, heightened satire, dark, light, introspective and wacky.

I’m not sure what I’m doing but it usually gravitates towards comedy even though I set out to be taken seriously. My short film Captain Coulier (Space Explorer) won at the LA Comedy Film Festival (2009) and premiered at Sundance.

As a screenwriter, I work with my brother Conor Casey, and sometimes with my more successful brother, Dillon Casey, to write comedies. Together we have sold five original TV shows, two feature films and one web series. I’d say our batting average in pitch meetings is a healthy .400.

Working in both Toronto and LA, we’ve been able to collaborate with some great producers, talented writers and had the privilege to pitch to iconic companies like HBO, FX, Comedy Central, Disney, Legendary Studios, CBC, CTV, Fox Digital and Adult Swim.

Along with developing our own content, we have also been staff writers (Backpackers, Satisfaction, Really Me, Wingin’ It), and hired gun ‘punch-up’ joke people.

A list of the companies we have collaborated with as writers: Vince Vaughan’s Wild West Picture Show Productions, Temple Street Productions, CBC, CTV, Amaze Productions, Thunderbird Films, Hooked Digital Media and Family Channel.

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