When Swallows Stop Singing


Quick stats about the movie

Ever since Yan immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong, he has been promising his parents that one day he will go back to see them. Finally, Yan returns to his hometown, but only to attend his father’s funeral.

Creative team

Director/producer/writer: Gilbert Kwong
Producers: Mimi Li, Nancy Lau

Director’s statement

Gilbert Kwong says:

“I remembered a poem from childhood. It was about a couple of swallows who worked hard every day to feed their children. But one day when their children grew up and knew how to fly, they flew away and left their parents behind.

I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada 10 years ago. Like most immigrants, I left behind many things – memories, friends, and my parents.

In part, this film is a sorrowful story of my own. Using mundane events with minimal dialogue, I hope this film could tell a sad story without relying on tears, and capture a sense of life without showing any overly dramatic incidents.

About Gilbert Kwong


Before turning to filmmaking, Gilbert worked as an advertising photographer and a news cameraman. He holds a BFA degree in photography from New Jersey City University in the US and a MFA degree in film from York University in Canada.

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