Withheld short film

Quick stats about the movie

A mourning pre-teen girl reconnects with her father.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Johnathan Sousa
Producer: Michelle Arvizu

Filmmaker’s statement

This is a film about love, loss and trust. The perfect recipe for a lasting relationship.

When I wrote this piece I asked myself this question: Can we adjust to losing the source of all our love? Our ‘heart’s Google’ so to speak; the place we go to for all the answers about life?

The film is created in the postmodern ‘splice of life’ style – desaturated, shot mostly with natural light on a 50mm lens, to allow for a voyeuristic experience, with the characters and their inner struggles becoming the focus of the piece.

Accompanied by a naturalistic sound design and an earthy woodwind tone score, Withheld is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

The film was executive produced by Baxter Merry.

About Johnathan Sousa

Johnathan Sousa

Johnathan Sousa has been in the Canadian film industry for just over five years. Originally a Ryerson Theatre graduate, Johnathan first found his love for film as part of the Actors Conservatory at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre.

Since then he has starred in such films as Ingrid Veninger’s The Animal Project, Relative Happiness, What We Have and Kidnap Capital.

Withheld is Jonathan’s directorial debut.

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