WYD? short film

Quick stats about the movie

After receiving a ‘wyd’ text – gen z shorthand for “what you doing?” – Josh tries to craft a low-key response.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Josh Granovsky

Filmmaker’s statement

wyd? was borne out of impatience and deadlines – two dominant forces in my life. I was attending school and felt I didn’t have the time, money or connections to delve into filmmaking.

Towards the end of my exams, I saw a call for short films from a local festival that was a week away and decided to go for it by piecing together what I had readily available: a bedroom, laptop camera and insecurities.

The short is based off a fun time in seventh grade where I unsuccessfully tried to Photoshop John Cena’s abs onto my 11-year-old body for a picture to send to a girl. I also wanted to highlight the exhaustive nature of filtering oneself and how normal it’s become to do so, even in minor interactions.

I wrote, filmed, edited and sent out the film within a 48-hour period, and I’m really grateful for the kind responses it’s received so far.

About Josh Granovsky

Josh Granovsky

Josh Granovsky is a Toronto-based writer and rising senior studying film at Queen’s University.

Josh is coming off a year as lifestyle editor at The Queen’s Journal where his work garnered a Canadian Community Newspaper Award and a Twitter follow from rapper Missy Elliott (hands down his greatest accomplishment).

wyd? is his first film.

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