A Certain Texture

A Certain Texture

Quick stats about the movie

Alex Unger, aka ELMS, lives a double life: he creates haunting music, and farms cattle.

In this short he explores how one influences the other, what drives his art and how one of these lifestyles is more of a privilege than he thought.

Creative team

Writer/director: Matthew Hayes

Filmmaker’s statement

A Certain Texture is the result of a previous collaboration between myself and Alex Unger who provided the score for my feature documentary Pushback. During that process Alex told me that he wasn’t just an incredible musician, but also a cattle farmer and I was immediately hooked.

How did Alex reconcile doing such different work? Did one inspire or affect the other? I was fascinated with this juxtaposition in his life. I wanted to portray it on screen and have his story speak to larger issues about the arts, precarity and the search for meaning in our lives.

About Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes has made over a dozen films which have screened throughout Canada, the US and Europe. He recently completed his debut feature Pushback about homelessness and poverty.

He has a PhD from Trent University for which he wrote a history of Canada’s UFO investigation.

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