A Little Elbow Room


Quick stats about the movie

Patrick Savoie and Bryan Searle own The Elbow Room Café, a small breakfast joint in Vancouver where the rule of the coffee pot is “get your ass up.” Part small business owner, part insult-comic, Patrick is known for slinging barbs as much as for slinging pancakes.

But it’s not all caustic insults and rampant abuse – the diner has raised over $67,000 for an AIDS charity.

This delightful short will tickle you, move you, enlighten you, and most certainly make you want to visit The Elbow Room for some eggs with a side of snark.

Creative team

Writer/director/co-producer: Mavreen David
Co-producer: Annat Kennet

Director’s statement

Mavreen David says:

“I am a Vancouver-based novice filmmaker who just recently found my passion for documentary. My intention is to use this medium to tell impactful stories for the purpose of positive change.

I made A Little Elbow Room as part of an assignment while studying digital film production at Langara College this year and felt that this story was so universal and entertaining that the world should see it.

In a community where life-long love stories are rarely told, I found the characters in my film to be totally inspiring, not to mention hysterically funny. My hope is that the film will move audiences and leave them with a smile.”

About Mavreen David


Mavreen David has studied photography for over a decade and recently added digital video directing and producing to her creative toolbox.

She spent the better part of her career working in commercial photography and music management representing artists from around the world.

With one documentary under her belt, the seed has been planted and inspired her mission to use this medium as a means for positive change.

Mavreen currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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