Quick stats about the movie

An experimental documentary set to the song In Wonder by The Meantime (Emily Harris-McLeod). The simple act of travel, even to familiar places can reset the routine mind to witness the miraculous in the ordinary.

ONCE again TORONTO journeys from the director’s home town on an isle in the sea, to the city of her birth; the urban ecosystem of Toronto.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Millefiore Clarkes

Director’s statement

Millefiore Clarkes says:

ONCE again TORONTO is, in a way, the third part to a series of short experimental documentaries. The first in the series, December in Toronto, was created on a whim – testing out a new DSLR camera while visiting relatives and friends in Toronto over Christmas. The short became popular online and was featured on Vimeo’s Staff Picks – garnering feedback from around the world.

Since that experience I have been unable to travel to Toronto without documenting the journey in some way. Each of these films invites the viewer into a subjective gaze as it wanders through Toronto, and is edited with the sense of piecing together fragments of memory.

ONCE again TORONTO breaks from the first two films in the series by incorporating layered frames and featuring the music track more prominently – bordering on a music video.

The music, In Wonder is written a performed by a dear friend, Emily Harris-McLeod, who goes by the moniker The Meantime.”

About Millefiore Clarkes


Millefiore Clarkes dedicates herself to the craft and community of media arts in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Through her company One Thousand Flowers Productions she produces a variety of media work such as ‘pocket-docs’ for online dissemination, music videos, experimental video, web series, and feature documentaries.

She is currently producing her second feature length documentary, The Telling, as well as directing a documentary for National Film Board of Canada, Feed the Soil. Her first feature Stalking Love screened at festivals across Canada and the US and aired on CBC’s documentary! channel.

Her music video Stealin’ for Catherine MacLellan recently won the Best Music Video award at the MusicPEI Awards, and WIFT-Atlantic Chapter awarded her the Salute Award for her work in the sector. Her short doc December in Toronto was shortlisted in the Lyrical Category and screened at the 2012 Vimeo Film Festival Awards in NYC.

Her passion is to capture on film the moments when human’s reveal themselves and their essential inter-connectivity.

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