I Spyders


Quick stats about the movie

We meet John on the first day of his last week at an insufferable job, working for an insufferable boss.

Unfortunately the terms of his exit won’t be as he imagined when a bunch of spider-infested grapes intervene, causing John to have a mind-blowing experience.

Creative team

Writer/director: William Allinson
Producer: Kyle Wilson

Director’s statement

Director William Allinson says:

I Spyders was largely inspired by moments of hopelessness at a dead end job, coupled with an old idea about a man with a unique neurological disorder. Back in school, I had unsuccessfully attempted to throw together a film called I Only See Spiders about a man who was blessed with that exact affliction.

I scrapped the project for various reasons, but was always stuck on this idea of someone being haunted by images of spiders dancing across their vision. As it turned out, years later I was working at a dead end job one winter that made me feel just that way. It was one of those instances where I was too poor to quit, and the boss had decided on his own terms that I was going to be his second in command until the end of time. I was clawing at the walls to get out.

When I recalled this earlier ‘spider-eye’ idea, and decided to incorporate it into the current situation I was facing, going to work soon became my daily research to flesh out the script, and I was eventually able to squirm out of there and begin the process of getting this film made.

My producer Kyle Wilson and I were able to independently raise funds over the course of a year, and I Spyders finally went to camera in May of 2011. The big considerations were always how the spiders were going to be brought to life, and how we were going to execute the climax of the film, where they burst through our protagonists eyes. With whatever beautiful luck decided to shine on us – the answer to both question was ‘practically’ – real spiders, real prosthetic head with exploding eyes… it’s always so much more fun to do it for real!

This was a very challenging film to put together, and I certainly will take my lessons learned to each project from here on out. It will be tough to top how much fun this one was to make.”

About William Allinson


William Allinson is an award-winning writer and director living in Toronto. He has multiple short film credits to date and will be entering production on his debut feature film in spring of 2013.

He is an alumnus of Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts and has studied at Toronto’s The Second City Training Centre. He currently works as a producer and production coordinator in non-fiction format TV, namely Cash Cab Canada.

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