A Thaumatrope


Quick stats about the movie

This animated film is a celebration of various forms of media. Through stop-motion animation a mannequin faces his internal demons.

Situated in a dark, deserted alleyway the protagonist dips in and out of hallucinations and experiences a beautiful delirium.

Creative team

Director: Cristal Buemi
Producer: Amanda Perri

Director’s statement

Cristal Buemi says:

“This film commemorates both the beauty of integrated medias and the beauty of self-exploration. Even though the images shown are all up for interpretation, they are also my way of starting a conversation.

Whether that may be with someone from your past, a current issue one might be dealing with or fears of the future, there are always demons to face.

The most important thing to remember is it is up to us to either break free, accept who we are and how we got there, or crumble from the pressure. Explore your self-journey through this unreal, yet very real hallucination.

Big thanks to Three-legged House Productions and art director Kaitlyn Reinhart, designer Jennifer Dunham, artist Raina Douris, production manager Lisa Bonfield, sound designer Krystin Hunter and EPK and post production supervisors Allie Parish and Kat Sylvester.”

About Cristal Buemi


Cristal is a recent graduate of Ryerson University and a member of Three-legged House Productions, a full service production company that can create anything from sound design, and animation to documentaries.

Cristal and the rest of her production team have two animated short films under their belt with the desire to add more. She is also a freelance animator, director and director of photography and a graphic designer.

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