Tucked and Folded Away


Quick stats about the movie

Ryan and Stacie want a simple life; settle into a home, start a family. Unfortunately, their parents expect them to go to school and get established before making any big commitments.

One evening after dinner the two begin a cerebral journey to find what they are looking for.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: James McLellan
Producer: ken DeRuyck

Director’s statement

James McLellan says:

Tucked and Folded Away is about growing up and staying young. I wanted to make a film that inspires people to find their own way in life rather than any prescribed formula. To see that there are opportunities if one wants to find them.

It’s a reaction to the many lost souls I have witnessed as a teacher. Students graduating high school, heading out into the world, wide eyed, paralyzed and directionless.”

About James McLellan


James was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was educated at the University of Manitoba (B.F.A. 95, B.Ed. 1997). As a teacher in Winnipeg’s Pembina Trails School Division, James has pioneered a secondary school filmmaking program. He was awarded a Prime Ministers Award of Excellence for his efforts.

James has worked hard to develop his craft as a director and producer, borrowing leadership and planning skills from his 16 years in the Canadian Forces.  He is influenced daily by the students in his classrooms.

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