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Erasmus, a “sensor” diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, confronts an existential mid-30s crisis living in a large city of “watchers” (urbanites) who hide behind technology rather than open themselves to spontaneous interaction.

When his anti-anxiety medication inexplicably stops working, he reaches out to people over the internet to distract from his inevitable slide into neurosis. If modernity and technology are building a wall between people, muses Erasmus, then ‘it’s time to become a part of the wall’ in the hope of somehow actualizing a real human connection.

But then, all is not what it seems as the two worlds Erasmus inhabits start to collide – with surprising results.

Creative team

Writer/director: Hugh John Murray
Producer: Giulia Frati

About Hugh John Murray


A graduate of the University of Western Ontario Media Studies program, Hugh John Murray is an independent director, producer and editor based in Montreal.

A former director of Maple Street Productions, he has worked in many creative capacities from music videos to features including corporate productions for such clients as Audi Canada, Canadian Tire, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, CBS, Lindala Special Effects (X-files) and IntraWest ULC.

In 1999, he co-produced and co-directed the critically acclaimed Democracy & the Dictator: the real apec story for CTV, an investigative film that explores the Canadian government’s role in the APEC fiasco of November 1997.

In 2002, he was nominated for a Golden Sheaf award for his POV documentary  Ironson (SCN/PBS), a film that examines the erosion of prairie culture in Western Canada.

With Galafilm Productions in Montréal, Hugh John has worked on the  docudramas War in Korea (TVO/Pathe! France), Big Sugar (CBC/SRC), the CBC/SRC mini series The Great War (2007), in which he was 2nd unit director, and the ARTE/History docudrama 1759: Battle for a Continent (2009).

He has also worked on other documentaries and dramatic programs for international broadcasters the world over and has produced and directed yoga and health videos, some of which consistently sell in the top five health and wellness videos in the Québec market.

Hugh John is the recipient of a 2005 Gemeaux and 2006 Golden Sheaf award for Best Research (L’Empire du Sucre/Big Sugar), and was also nominated for a Gemeaux for his work on The Great War.

As a video artist and VJ, he has performed internationally and created video installations with dancers in Canada and Europe. Desiderata has screened at festivals in Australia, Europe and North America.

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