Abismo (Abyss)

ABISMO short film

Quick stats about the movie

A woman and a man drifting on a raft, choose the only possible way.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Pablo Diconca

About Pablo Diconca

Pablo Diconca

Award-winning filmmaker Pablo Diconca lives in Montreal, Canada. In 1997 he directed his first short film, Except Julia.

Following extensive training in theatre and dance – acquired in Uruguay, his native country, as well as in Mexico, Switzerland and Canada – he travelled the Western world as an actor and dancer for various choreographers and directors.

In 2001, he founded Meakulpa Productions, a non-profit organization that devotes itself to the creation and film production. Since then, Pablo has produced 18 independent films. Flying Days (2006) was presented at Clermont-Ferrand Festival, France, where an international sale was concluded with Canal+. More than 40 festivals have shown the film worldwide. Al Dente (2009) was part of the SODEC best shorts selection of the year in Quebec.

Two Days and a Half (2012), his first feature film, won best fiction at 25Rencontres Cinema Nature, France, received honorable mentions in Mexico, Chile and was nominated as best film, photography and director in Spain.

In 2016 he created Abismo (Abyss), his latest dance film. Abismo premiered in Spain, where it got a Creation Award at the FIVER. It also won best experimental film at Tlanchana Fest, Mexico and the best film at the Mediative Film Festival in Hungary in the Transit category. Abismo was included in the Best of Verona Film Festival at Venice Film Week, after winning best dance film at the Verona International Film Festival in 2016.

Abismo recently won best dance film in the Manhattan Independent Film Festival, audience award at Videomovimiento Dance Film Festival in Colombia, audience award and best film in FIVU, Festival internacional de videodanza del Uruguay, and best film in Chile at the Bestias Danzantes International Film Festival.

It was also nominated for best film at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, won the audience award at the MiTS International Film Festival in Barcelona, best choreography in the INSHADOW Festival in Lisbon, Portugal and best experimental film in the FIC Silente, Puebla, Mexico.

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