After The Rain


Quick stats about the movie

A man begins to doubt what he knows after a series of strange déjà vu experiences cause an existential crisis.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Marco Luca
Director/producer: Laura Aloi

Director’s statement

Marco Luca says:

After The Rain is a project that dates back over 10 years. Marco Baldino (who also played the man in the beige jacket in the film) had written a short half-page story for a class and made me read it to see if his teacher would like it.

The short story quickly sparked something in my mind and decided to warp it into a longer script. But complications and difficulties in the script made it, at the time, impossible to shoot without the proper equipment and crew.

The project sat on the shelf for nearly 10 years until late 2010 where I found new inspiration and the means to get this project on the screen.

The script was reworked completely to make it possible to produce within a certain budget. However, the biggest challenge was still one of the greater aspects of the film: the rain! I had learned how to create CGI rain particular systems which had a big influence on me getting this short back off the shelves but we still had to get the real rain to get the feeling we wanted.

Having to shoot most of the film in rain and several dry shots with some sunshine, with actors and crew members doing this as a part time gig, planning a schedule was the biggest fear from the beginning.

A flexible schedule was the key. Waiting for the perfect weekend and being ready to shoot in unpredictable weather helped us get all the shots we needed in the shortest amount of time. Our actors and crew played a tremendous role patiently waiting their turn.”

About Laura Aloi


Laura Aloi is from Montreal and is a very big fan of storytelling, photography and translating life into movies. The appreciation and love for these things inspires her to explore her creative side by writing about life experiences and collaborating with people who share the same love and appreciation for the craft.

Having no training in cinematography, her experience in movie-making consists of a ridiculous amount of re-enacted short stories written by her, parodies and, more recently, an adaptation of a chapter from the novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Her latest completed project is the short film After The Rain which marks the first fully collaborative effort written and directed with Marco Lucà.

About Marco Luca


Marco Luca is a full time graphic designer and part-time director, editor and writer living in Montreal.

Marco studied film and his first major short film project came in 2005 as a year-end project, writing and directing What If. An opportunity at the end of his studies made him switch to design, which he also enjoyed.

From 2005-2010 he focused on design. But the passion for film was not lost and he kept scribbling film ideas and continuously learning new editing tricks and software.

In 2011 he found the motivation to dig out an old script he had written almost 10 years earlier. He dedicated half a year to re-writing and re-sculpting the script with the help of Laura Aloi to finally come up with After The Rain.

Marco’s current short film project is on hold to allow him to create an even bigger project, combining his passion for short films and experience in web design. Visit his website dedicated to short films. The website focuses on a short film every week and includes a page for promoting short films from Québec.

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