Afternoon short film

Quick stats about the movie

After losing their virginity, two teenagers spend the afternoon together.

Creative team

Writer/director: Eric Rowe
Producer: Hakyung Chang

Filmmaker’s statement

Afternoon is largely based on my own experiences and, as such, it is deeply personal and only mildly embarrassing.

Although we had a script for structural purposes, the film was predominantly improvised with many elements taken from the lives of the key crew members and actors. By using this collaborative method and a pared down, non-narrative structure we strove to create something that captures the feeling of the experience with honesty.

I’m thankful for every bit of help and support I received on this film, notably the two lead actors Alicia Bradley and Aidan Greene who brought so much to the table.

About Eric Rowe

Eric Rowe

A recent graduate of Ryerson University’s film studies program, Eric Rowe is a director and cinematographer who seeks to explore alienation and sexuality in the contemporary era.

Afternoon is his directorial debut.

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