Agro-Dolce (Bittersweet)


Quick stats about the movie

While visiting Belgium, Barbara has a sudden longing to leave her native country of Italy.

Creative team

Writers: Patrick Aubert, Judith Faraoni with the collaboration of Barbara Chichiarelli, Marco Celli
Director: Patrick Aubert
Producers: Helios ASBL, Patrick Aubert

Filmmaker’s statement

Agro-Dolce was written, produced and edited in five days during the Kino Kabaret in Brussels.

Written in collaboration with Judith Faraoni and the actors, the script was inspired by true events. Since the economic crisis, a lot of people are leaving Italia for a better life, especially young fellows.

My goal was to show the consequences of that situation on a young and promising couple. Which path should we follow? The one from our culture/parents or the one that is growing up into ourselves?

Like in my film Le Piment, I kept my camera close to the actors – very close – in order to be a privileged witness of their intimacy.

The film is set in real time with a few cuts.

About Patrick Aubert

Patrick Aubert

Born in Quebec, Patrick Aubert studied film production at Concordia University.

He has made 10 films as a Kino member, a group of independent filmmakers.

His films Robert & La Rousse (2010), Jacqueline Ultimatum (2011), A Present for Robert (2012) and Le Piment (2014) have been presented in over 40 film festivals around the world and won several awards.

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