Ancient Ones

Ancient Ones music video

Quick stats about the movie

When the sun goes down, the ancient ones come out.

Creative team

Writer: Jake Robertz
Director: AJ Vaage
Producer: Ian Fisher

Director’s statement

Ancient Ones is a project that was born out of collaboration. So many talented, hard-working artists came together to help create this and I am forever grateful for that.

Rebecca Reinhart worked with the dancers for two months to create the visually dynamic choreography. Jake Robertz showed his extreme mastery of his craft with this composition. My director of photography, Lanny Bolger, knew exactly what I was going for and he really made the project come to life.

Seven dancers, one choreographer, a crew of three and the longest day I can remember all came together and made Ancient Ones. I couldn’t be more proud.

About AJ Vaage

AJ Vaage

AJ Vaage is an Edmonton-born Renaissance man. The improviser, actor, writer, photographer, musician and all-around athlete began performing with the internationally renowned Rapid Fire Theatre in high school. This led to AJ being cast in the Gemini-nominated YTV sketch-comedy show That’s So Weird, for which he won a Canadian Comedy Award. The show has since been cancelled but all those kids who grew up watching it are legal now and they love to party.

AJ has written for numerous commercials, web series and comedy specials; directed sketches and music videos for such notable artists as Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody, Knight Riderz’ Jake Robertz and Amber Nash from FX’s Archer; has been featured in various festivals around the world; and been in a gum commercial that surely surpasses any success he has had or ever will.

From this, he has retained an almost “cult-like following” (see: Manson). Most recently, AJ wrote and starred in an original pilot. Produced by Back Road Productions, the show also features cast members of shows like House of Cards, Vampire Diaries, Homeland and MTV’s Scream.

Although never taking any formal training from The Second City, he has been credited as being a Second City alumni several times by The Second City. AJ has performed in Improvaganza, Big City Improv Festival and Die-Nasty’s Soap-A-Thon, and has appeared on networks such as ABC, CBC, CW, Syfy, CMT and W.

There is also a photo of his cat on Tumblr that has been reblogged pretty close to 1,000 times at the time of him typing this.

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