Feel short film Winnipeg

Quick stats about the movie

A dark comedy about Timothy, a teenager who’s never felt an emotion.

Creative team

Writers/directors/producers: Luke Whitmore, Tony Hinds, Sean Guezen

Filmmakers’ statement

Feel began as an idea that Luke Whitmore had about a strange high school boy who’d never felt an emotion.

We would talk about the idea as we carpooled home each day from school at Red River College, developing that seed into a story. It’s a story about outsiders and weirdos. But it’s also a story about the toxicity of adolescent white male anger and aggression.

That said, the film is a comedy. Well … a dark comedy. While darker themes certainly run through the narrative of Feel, we also aimed to make a deeply cine-literate work. We’re obsessive movie geeks with a shameless love for filmmakers such as P.T. Anderson, David Fincher, Joachim Trier and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Their films have taught us so much about visual storytelling.

We also discussed movies such as Mary Harron’s American Psycho and Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as stylistic points of reference. We figured, hey, “Shoot for the moon. Even if we miss, we’ll land among the stars.” That’s a well-known saying, huh?

But anyway …

We love movies. We hope you love our movie. Or at least enjoy it.

About Luke Whitmore, Tony Hinds and Sean Guezen

Luke Whitmore, Tony Hinds and Sean Guezen

Luke Whitmore started filmmaking at very early age and has continued to study his passion for filmmaking through the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Luke has worked as a freelance videographer, shot multiple documentaries, and has written and directed a variety of short films.

Tony Hinds studied film at the University of Winnipeg, and Creative Communications at Red River College. When he’s not behind a camera, Tony works as feature writer/film critic for The Film Stage. His reviews can be found on Metacritic. He’s also a Tomato-meter approved critic on Rotten Tomatoes. He lives in Winnipeg with his one-year-old cat, Rocko.

Sean Guezen is a Creative Communications student at Red River College bravely venturing into the realm of DIY film and documentary, with all the naivete and optimism of a scrappy young budget-filmmaker. He also produces a live music video series called The REC Room, and plays in an experimental indie rock band in Winnipeg.

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