Andre the Anti-Giant

Andre the Anti-Giant

Quick stats about the movie

A three-foot-something actor/comedian/disability advocate strives to retake the stage following a life-endangering diagnosis.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Kim Saltarski

Filmmaker’s statement

When I met with actor/comedian/disability advocate Andre H. Arruda to discuss doing a documentary on his life, he could barely sit up from his hospital bed. But despite this incredible pain he quickly told me, “Let’s do this!” Classic Andre! Nothing could stop this three foot-something dynamo.

During the year-long shoot, it was humbling to document Andre’s day-to-day triumphs and struggles. No matter who I interviewed – friends, family, fellow comics, teachers, doctors – they all marvelled at his inspirational drive and tenacity to find comedy even in the darkest of places.

As Andre says in the doc, “Let’s make fun of every horrible thing that’s going on with myself or the world or whatever.” Enjoy Andre The Anti-Giant!

About Kim Saltarski

Kim Saltarski

Andre The Anti-Giant is the second film in Kim’s inspiring documentary series about human beacons. His first film was IF The Poet, the riveting story of Ian French, aka “IF,” who dove into slam poetry at the age of 50. It’s available on CBC TV in Canada, Amazon Prime in the US, and on Vimeo on Demand internationally.

Kim has applied his dynamic bald brain to creating over 400 hours of original animated and live-action family, tween, adult comedy, reality and documentary TV content. But for Kim, it’s all about telling an engaging story, no matter what the length, genre or target audience. Visit for more Kimformation.

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