Friends on Facebook

Friends on Facebook short film

Quick stats about the movie

Two women run into each other at a local pool after meeting once, years ago, at a wedding.

Creative team

Writer/director: Chris Ross
Producers: Chris Ross, Jesse Katzev

Filmmaker’s statement

Friends on Facebook is about the strange nature of acquaintanceship in the social media age.

Inspired by an awkward swim in my local pool, I wanted to create something simple, but visually ambitious – a story that’s basically just an exchange between two people as the sun goes down.

Heavily influenced by Richard Linklater’s Before series, my goal was to capture a conversation that played out in ‘real time.’ With a talented cast, DP John Ker and steadicam operator Michael Carr, we worked hard to create this effect over a two day shoot.

The idea was to give the film a subtle visual metaphor that underscored the idea of moving from the harsh, seemingly clear world of online communication to a softer, more nuanced understanding that can happen in person.

Making this film was a great experience – collaborating with editor Simone Smith was an incredible treat, and Michelle Osis’s music set just the right tone. The rest of the crew were amazing, and a special thanks to friends who gave up a Sunday morning to come swim in the pool!

During our festival run of Friends on Facebook, we got the same comment, again and again – it seems people everywhere can relate!

We had a lot of fun making this film, and hope you enjoy it.

About Chris Ross

Chris Ross

Chris Ross is a Toronto-based artist and filmmaker.

Her most recent short, Friends on Facebook, premiered at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, where Chris took part in the Women in the Directors Chair (WIDC) CAM program. The short went on to screen at many other festivals in Canada and the US, winning an acting award for Jenna Harder’s terrific performance.

A graduate of OCAD (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design), Chris was a painter for many years before turning to film.

Her previous directing credits include the award-winning comedy Acting Up, and she’s currently in post-production on two new short films: The Problem With Lady Werewolves, a project she wrote, directed, and co-produced with the generous participation of Canada Council for the Arts, and Swimmers, a project she directed which is being produced by Babe Nation. Swimmers is a proud recipient of the Director’s Guild of Canada’s inaugural Short Film Award, and the aim is for both shorts to hit the festival circuit later this year.

Chris is also busy writing and developing her first feature project, and obsessing over wonderfully desolate images for her Instagram, @darkpalepics.

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