Awake short film

Quick stats about the movie

A woman has another sleepless night. It sometimes feels like the night will never end.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Léa Rondot

Filmmaker’s statement

I wrote Awake because I was inspired to shoot something totally different from what I’d done at that point.

I’ve always loved psychological horror. This short film is steeped in strangeness and unsettling, queasy feelings. It’s bizarre and I wanted it to intrigue the viewer and leave them with something to wonder about. It’s a keyhole view of a much bigger picture.

It was terrific, as always, to work with DP Josh Usheroff and my co-editor Ben Goloff. Nick Lavigne composed this terrific and totally bonkers original score. The whole team was stellar. My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.

About Léa Rondot

Léa Rondot

Originally from Montreal, Léa Rondot is an award-winning filmmaker and writer now based in Toronto.

She splits her time between writing, directing and producing short films and developing/pitching original TV series.

This year she was selected to the Netflix-Banff Diversity of Voices Pitch Program. Her latest series pilot was selected to the WIFT-T Digital Series Incubator.

Awake is her second short to be featured in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

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