Quick stats about the movie

A man decides to come forward to his supervisors after finding sensitive materials that could be damaging to the company.

Creative team

Writer: Kyle Sandilands
Director/producer: Kyle Sandilands & Rory James Wood

Director’s statement

Kyle Sandilands and Rory James Wood say:

“With the exception of the music, Catalyst was written, produced and edited in 72 hours.

We wanted to do a short that told a story visually using a single master without coverage, while looking at the way a director such as Hitchcock might use the camera to build suspense.

With a two-person crew and the three actors, we shot the film one afternoon and, after about a dozen takes later, nailed it.”

About Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands is a Vancouver-based filmmaker interested in telling stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking through the areas of directing, cinematography, and editing.

About Rory James Wood

Rory James Wood
The director and cinematographer of many short films, Rory James Wood called Guelph, Ontario his hometown before setting up shop in Vancouver. It’s here where he continues to hone the craft of storytelling through a visually engaging camera.

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