Cloud Potage


Quick stats about the movie

A poetic silhouette animation of a boy and his culinary attempt in the kitchen, set to a French poem by 10 year old home schooler Samuel Fresia.

Creative team

Writer: Samuel Fresia
Director/producer: Catherine Bussiere

Director’s statement

Catherine Bussiere says:

“After graduating from the Nova Scotia community college screen art program I applied for a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. My proposal consisted of mainly two things. One was to live an experience, the second, to experiment.

The experience was to home school my three kids aged eight, 10 and 13 for a year. I didn’t have much of a plan except to do some math and language arts and mostly let them follow their interests. I wanted to leave a lot of room for creation, be it drawing, writing, or music.

After the year was over, I would look at what had been created and bring some of their pieces to life. In doing so I would experiment with animation.

Cloud Potage is a four line poem written by one of my sons during that period. I loved it right away for its simplicity and  whimsical beauty. Silhouette animation seemed to fit the poem perfectly and I had fun expending visually to the lines at hand.

Once the animation was done my son played a live track of balafon over the piece. It was a great collaboration.”

About Catherine Bussiere


Since graduating from the NSCC Screen Arts program, Catherine Bussiere has divided her time between photography, videography and teaching. A Canada Council for the Arts grant in 2006 enabled her to produce a series of short films inspired by the experience of home schooling her three kids.

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