Quick stats about the movie

In the very near future brain implants have superseded most devices like cell phones, cameras and web browsers, and one young couple discovers that this biotech advancement comes with its own set of rewards, as well as an unexpected and deadly risk.

Creative team

Director: Arun Fryer
Producer: Josh Stern
Writers: Josh Stern, Jackson Harper and Arun Fryer

Director’s statement

Arun Fryer says:

“The rise and role of technology in our civilization has long been a fascination of mine, even from a young age. Perhaps it was too many childhood viewings of Star Wars but it always appeared as if the future burned brighter and more exciting than the present.

As a species, we are constantly pushing forward in search of the latest and greatest technological wonders, and the science behind the wizardry might be unstoppable now as if it’s taken on a life of its own.

Cyburbia is my attempt at commenting on this path we humans seem to be intent on pursuing, especially that of biotechnology: one of the great frontiers of modern science.

I truly believe we will one day see implants like the ones in Cyburbia but I also hope we at least pause to consider the risks and costs of a cyborg generation.”

About Arun Fryer

Arun Fryer

A native of Vancouver, Canada, Arun travelled and lived abroad for several years before returning to attend Vancouver Film School, where he graduated in 2010.

He has directed three short films ‐ TicCyburbia and Tomorrow’s Love – and is presently working on a documentary about online aggression as well as a dramatic web series about living in the city.

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