Go Get Dad


Quick stats about the movie

An unwanted reunion between father and son forces the youth to find the strength to change their relationship forever.

Creative team

Writer/director: Adam Garnet Jones
Producer: Laura Milliken

Director’s statement

Adam Garnet Jones says:

Go Get Dad was a fun project that came about as part of Big Soul Productions‘ youth mentorship program.

I was asked to come up with a short script that could be made with the assistance of a professional crew and Aboriginal youth in Toronto.

Each department had youth shadowing crew members and learning about the process.”

About Adam Garnet Jones


Adam is a writer and director whose work has broadcast on television, screened widely at film festivals and earned him recognition internationally.

His short films include CloudbreakerA Small ThingCan You Love Me? and Wave A Red Flag.

Adam also has received development financing for several feature film scripts, including Wild Medicine and The Walking Wounded.

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