Day Before Yesterday

Day-Before-Yesterday short film

Quick stats about the movie

A woman who suffers total memory loss is found unconscious in the middle of the downtown Montreal strip.

Produced with a grant awarded by bravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), a division of Bell Media Inc.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Sarah Beckett
Director: Patricia Chica

Director’s statement

Patricia Chica says:

“I’m a huge fan of deconstructed storytelling and film noir.

After reading the script, I wanted to push forward the idea of memory loss, identity and psychological isolation by using out-of-focus POV visuals and two different layers of sound design: diegetic and non diegetic.

By reorganizing the film’s structure like a puzzle, we were able to tell the story in reverse (mental flashbacks), thus allowing the viewers to find out gradually what the principal character’s story, thoughts and real motivations were.”

About Patricia Chica


Patricia is a fiction and documentary filmmaker with over 10 years experience in film and television, having directed for series on networks such as Oxygen, Bravo!, W, Showcase, National Geographic and CBS.

Her short films have screened at festivals worldwide and earned her dozens of awards.

Her feature doc Rockabilly 514 played at a number of international festivals and on Bravo!

In 2009, the Montreal Mirror readers’ poll voted Patricia as one of the Top 10 Best Local Filmmakers alongside veterans like Denys Arcand and Érik Canuel. She’s was the only female director to be part of this category.

Patricia has a genuine interest in arts, culture and the study of alternative lifestyles. She is passionate about people and the experiences and issues that shape their lives. She brings a strong visual sense to her work.

She shares her time between working on her personal film projects and collaborating with various producers from Montreal, Toronto and New York on content aimed at the international market.

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