Quick stats about the movie

A 20 something delivery worker, disillusioned by the seeming meaninglessness of his life is confronted by a stranded car on a backcountry road. He discovers that life’s meaning is not the consequence of action, but immanent within choice itself.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: James Anthony Usas

Filmmaker’s statement

James Anthony Usas says:

Deliveries was shot sporadically over a four-week period. We had no budget, our crew was very small and all support was in-kind.

It was my first film since finishing studies in architecture and I wasn’t sure I still knew how to tell a story through cinema.

The inspiration for the narrative evolved from a piece of music Obersun had produced years earlier, and hadn’t found a place for. The challenge became telling a story entirely in images: creating a silent film that would give equal weight to both the pictures and score without compromising the affect of either.

The process of making Deliveries discovered new roles and relationships with artists and performers that will continue to evolve through future projects. Filmmaking is a collaborative act and without a solid core of dedicated and creative individuals the prospect of completing a film is virtually impossible.”

About James Anthony Usas


Born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1979, James Anthony Usas graduated in architecture from the University of Waterloo. His award-winning films Winter Hunter (2001), The Window (2002) and House of the Gathering (2013) have screened at festivals internationally. Deliveries was an official selection of the 2011 Montreal World Film Festival.

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