The Escapement


Quick stats about the movie

Feeling pressure from his son to move into a retirement home, Mitchell Nicely builds a time machine in an attempt to reverse his old age. When the time machine works, he realizes he’s going to get more than he had bargained for.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ryan Hanson

Filmmaker’s statement

Ryan Hanson says:

“For me, the joy of making short films is in the flexibility to experiment and shape myself as a filmmaker. The Escapement is just that for me.

I wanted to make a film that forced me out of my comfort zone. The story seemed next to impossible to pull off on such a limited, crowdfunded budget, but we set forth anyways.

I am so lucky to have worked with a crew that supported the project in a way that blew me away and resulted in the film I’m most proud of to date. It was a grueling challenge and some of the hardest and longest days on set I’ve had, but I honestly feel that everyone’s hard work and dedication paid off.”

About Ryan Hanson

Ryan Hanson

Ryan is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s film production program. He is passionate about writing and directing, and this dedication to his craft comes through in all of his work.

Ryan graduated in 2006 and later that year was awarded best cinematographer at the BC Student Film Festival for his work on the film The Shade.

In 2009 Ryan wrote and directed his first short film, The Curiosity of Penny Parker, which premiered at Palm Springs International ShortFest and was awarded first place in the KidsEye program at the 2009 Rhode Island International Film Festival. It has aired on CBC’s Northern Reflections and is currently airing on The Movie Network.

Since then, Ryan has enhanced his knowledge and experience as a writer and director with more short films as well as work on various feature film sets in and around Ottawa.

In 2010, Ryan wrote, directed and produced The Quarry, which was funded by a production grant from the Ontario Arts Council. Ryan was awarded the prestigious A&E Short Filmmaker award from the NSI Online Film Festival in 2012, for his work on The Quarry.

Ryan’s most recent project The Escapement was crowdfunded via Indiegogo and completed in February 2013. The Escapement is currently being sent to various film festivals. It most recently won best director and best actor (Ron Tarrant) at the Interplay Film Festival in Alberta.

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