Let it Out!


Quick stats about the movie

THE Richard and Holy Scar are two fetish icons and best friends in real life. After being cast in Patricia Chica’s new film Ceramic Tango, they embark on what seems to be the most challenging adventure of their careers.

The boys have no previous acting experience in a mainstream movie and are expected to render highly dramatic performances in only two months. Their intense training takes its toll and becomes more a journey of self-discovery where issues from the past are confronted and possibly resolved.

How will this experience transform their lives and relationship? Let it Out! presents a story of empowerment and self-expression told through the art of film.

Creative team

Writers: Laura Antohi, Patricia Chica
Director: Laura Antohi
Producer: Patricia Chica

Filmmaker’s statement

Let it Out! explores the nuances of a profession that is largely known via its final product.

Presented through the experience of two non-professional actors, the audience is able to witness the delicate and not-always-obvious process that is to ’embody a role,’ even when you’re a regular in the entertainment scene.

[This film also recognises] directors who, due to lack of funding, try to manage within their limits. This movie is an indirect bow in their honour.”

About Laura Antohi

Laura Antohi

Originally from Romania, Laura Antohi lives in Montreal, Quebec.

An eternal fanatic of anything art or film, these subjects establish themselves as the core of her academic path. Variety is what defines her introduction to the industry: throughout advertisements, short and full feature films, theatre, music videos, etc., she explores various platforms such as assistant director, camera or editing. These experiences and the encounters that inevitably ensue provide her with the essential training as well as the opportunity to direct her first film Let it Out!

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