Quick stats about the movie

A young monk is in the final days of his pilgrimage – a ceremonial rite of passage that all monks must endure. He has passed beyond the borders of known space and returned alive. He has done this with the help of Somnius: a small vessel with the exceedingly rare ability to replicate any environment from the monk’s memory with impeccable realism and attention to detail. Much more than just a holographic simulation, Somnius makes the memories real.

A group of mercenaries, bent on taking the Somnius, infiltrate the ship in the midst of a communication dead-zone. Now, outmanned and outgunned, it is up to the Monk to use his wits, his adept martial training and the Somnius itself, to defeat his foes.

Creative team

Writer: Alain Williams
Director: Denver Jackson
Producer: Jordan Clark

Filmmaker’s statement

“Our goal is to make a film be the best it can be. We will do anything to nurture, recreate and amplify that spark of inspiration after viewing or reading a great work — or seeing something or someone you love. Or even simply laughing with friends over brunch. We want nothing more than to indulge that urge to create — to tell a story. We want to share our experiences. And we want to learn from that. We want to learn about our craft — and about ourselves a little too, I guess.

The best part is, everyone can do this. Everyone has a story to tell and a way to tell it. So, how could we not succumb to this temptation — being surrounded by so many great influences (both fabricated and tangible)?

Somnius goes above and beyond that impulse. It is a dream come to fruition — born from that itch to create and share. It is a collaboration between close friends and professionals. But above all, it is a work of art where we put our imagination and concepts first.

Spawned from a simple idea — and made from virtually nothing (money and resources) — Somnius is a work of passion and dedication. And made possible by Denver Jackson, whose passion for action, science fiction, and martial arts films made it all happen.

I sincerely hope you experience some of the same energy we put into creating this film and what we experienced being inspired to see it through.”

About Denver Jackson

Denver Jackson

Born in South Africa, Denver Jackson has been acting on his passion of filmmaking from an early age.

Since moving to Canada, he has developed a reputation for being completely self taught in advanced animation, visual effects, editing and direction. With each film he makes, he hopes to raise the bar on what an independent, homemade film can be.

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