Feel the Inukness


Quick stats about the movie

In the modern Canadian arctic where hip-hop now reigns supreme, a young Inuk is suddenly inspired by old time jigging music and sets out to breathe new life into the old dance form.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Becky Kilabuk (Qilavvaq)

Filmmaker’s statement

“In these challenging times for Inuit people, I seek ways to touch hearts and put smiles on faces through film.

However, with no formal schooling in filmmaking, I create short films as a way to practice and hone my skills in editing, sound and directing.

This video touched people in more profound ways than I can explain and I am inspired to take my work to the next level.”

About Becky Kilabuk (Qilavvaq)

Becky Kilabuk

Becky Kilabuk (Qilavvaq) is a self-taught Inuit artist, born and raised in the Canadian Arctic and fluent in her native tongue, Inuktitut.

She is passionate about using art, film, music and photography to uplift, inspire and educate.

Becky designs and delivers social and cultural leadership programs for a living, but is always trying new and creative ways to expand her horizons.

Becky is also a self-taught master throatsinger and has performed at the Olympics as well as worldwide, and is a two-time Jubilee medal recipient from Queen Elizabeth II.

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