Quick stats about the movie

Two women find themselves in an unlikely competition for a coveted spot on the cathedral bell ringing team.

Creative team

Writer: Mike McPhaden
Producer: Jennifer Mesich
Director: Chris Hanratty

Filmmaker’s statement

“Rung was originally conceived while waiting for a streetcar in downtown Toronto – a wait that anyone from Toronto knows can take a while.

The streetcar stop was next to a cathedral and the bells were ringing over and over again. Shortly after they stopped, a group of people came pouring out a side door of the cathedral. I realized these must be the bell ringers and they had just finished practice.

It was one of those invisible things I’d never really considered before – who rings the bells at churches and cathedrals?

As a director I’m interested in when a character has to decide whose side they’re on: the moment when the breach of a person’s moral code meets the weight of a profound relationship, meets their desire, meets their faith.

This is the moment that invites the viewer to choose a side, and there is always a chance that an audience will surprise us (and themselves) with the choice they make.

I hope you enjoy the film.”

About Chris Hanratty

Chris Hanratty

Chris Hanratty is a filmmaker and theatre director.

His short films have screened at numerous film festivals including the Palm Springs International Short Fest and the Tribeca Film Festival.

He recently completed his third short, Robert’s Circle, and is currently working on his first feature.

Chris is the artistic director of Toronto’s UnSpun Theatre.

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