The Haymaker


Quick stats about the movie

An idle teen joins a boxing club to boost his ego but encounters a trainer championing values of structure, discipline and perseverance.

Creative team

Co-writer: Norm Leonard
Writer/director/co-producer: Daniel D’Alimonte
Co-producer: Eric Rowe

Filmmaker’s statement

Daniel D’Alimonte says:

The Haymaker is a short film about a teenager struggling to empower himself while searching for meaning in his life. It’s a universal question that every one of us has to ask ourselves throughout our life – often more than once.

I felt it would be interesting to explore this issue through the world of boxing because it’s a sport that seems to represent superficial images of toughness and independence – character traits often pursued or admired by young men in society – but it’s actually a very difficult sport that requires an insane level of commitment, discipline and perseverance in order to be successful.

This contrast of two paths to take (boxing for vanity, image versus for the process) is the same as our day-to-day battles to take the path of least resistance versus embracing a harder road that will lead to a fully realized self-actualization.

About Daniel D’Alimonte


An alumni of Chapman University’s Conservatory of Motion Pictures and the Canadian Film Centre, Daniel D’Alimonte wrote and directed his first short film The Haymaker, an award-winning thesis, in 2010.

He has screened his works at Bermuda International, Cannes and Flickers Rhode Island film festivals, as well as the National Screen Institute – Canada.

His latest film, Cold Feet, is set to hit festivals in 2014. He lives with his fiancée Shelley and his boxer dog Naslund.

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